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Although we make efforts to keep the information contained on our website, directory, plaques and other products accurate, the information is not guaranteed, and no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or fitness of the information contained within, nor do we endorse the individuals described in the directory or the services they may provide. 

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Each doctor’s license status, disciplinary actions, notations such as “Verified” or a “checkmark”, degrees, retirement, medical issues, memberships and any and all other information shown on our website can change over time. We do not re-check information supplied by Doctors or their representatives, nor do we review information in our patient education or other sections of our website. As such, information may become outdated, incomplete or incorrect. Viewers accept that “Americas Best Physicians” and its associated organizations cannot and do not warrantee the accuracy of any information or notations, nor assume any liability or damages as a result of incorrect or outdated information.

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“America’s Best Physicians”, and the National Consumer Advisory Board and associated businesses are not able to verify whether Doctors described in the Directory as a “specialist”, limits his or her practice to that specialty. Therefore, Doctors identified through a search under a specialty do not necessarily meet state, federal or any Association’s Standards for Announcement of Specialization and Limitation of Practice.

Doctors are listed by state; in the order they were chosen. Doctors are selected and listed in our online register at no charge. Doctors with preferred extended listings have written for us, helped with health information or provided extra funds to help maintain our site.

Doctors may apply directly without a nomination, as we check all credentials as part of our selection process. To apply directly please click here.

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