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Robert W. Alexander, MD, DMD
1713 First Street North, Hamilton, MT 59840

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Plastic Surgery


Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery; Cellular and Biocellular Regenerative Medicine; Chronic Wound Care

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Robert W. Alexander, MD, FICS Plastic Surgery Division International College of Surgeons USA Biography • Robert W. Alexander, MD, DMD, FICS is an internationally recognized aesthetic & reconstructive surgeon, author, teacher, pioneer in use of stem/stromal cells in clinical practice, and a recognized leader in the field of CELLULAR & BIOCELLULAR REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. Contributions in use of adipose-derived stem/stromal cells combined with high-density platelet concentrates in the areas of aesthetic surgery, open flap surgery, chronic wound therapy, and orthopaedic medicine/surgical fields is considered novel and important contributions. • Dr. Alexander graduated Magna Cum Laude with full honors from University of Florida School of Medicine and St. Louis University School Dentistry. Contributions in the areas of craniofacial trauma- reconstruction of major defects, and general aesthetic surgery are recognized by his peers, including induction as a Fellow in the prestigious International College of Surgeons. His primary research-clinical practice is now Missoula MT. Publication of many articles in peer-reviewed medical literature, contributions to multiple textbooks, and featured speaker in national-international venues on the subjects of plastic surgery and regenerative medicine applications; particularly those in musculoskeletal and orthopaedics are well recognized. • Recipient of multiple awards and recognitions in the areas of his primary specialty, as well as in the evolving uses of stem/stromal cells. His academic affiliation with the University of WA (Seattle), whilepracticing/teaching the latest advances in Cellular & Biocellular Regenerative treatments in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine. Using his scientific orientation and experiences, extensive clinical surgical experiences combine to make him an acknowledged and respected expert in the areas of cellular-based therapies across multiple disciplines of medicine and surgery. He is currently a Principal Investigator in numerous FDA Clinical Trials. Recent Publications • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Use of Microcannula Close Syringe System For Safe And Effective Lipoaspiration and Small Volume Autologous Fat Grafting”, Am J Cosm Surg 2013, 30(2): 1-12 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Use of Disposable Microcannula System For Low Pressure Harvest, Preparation, and Placement of Small Volume Autologous Fat Grafting with Activated High Density Platetlet Rich Plasma (HD-PRP)”, Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2013, 6:91-102 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., TATE-OLIVER, KRISTIN, “Combination of Autologous Adipose-Derived Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction Plus High Density Platelet-Rich Plasma or Bone Marrow Concentrates in Achilles Tendon Tears”, J. Prolotherapy, 2013, 5:e895-912 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., Contributing Author,Textbook “Introduction To Biocellular Medicine”, in Sonography of the Extremities: Techniques & Protocols 4th Ed., Moore, R., Editor, General Musculoskeletal Imaging Inc., Cincinnati 2015: 97-104 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Understanding Mechanical Emulsification (Nanofat) Versus Enzymatic Isolation of Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction (tSVF) From Adipose Tissue: Potential Uses in Biocellular Regenerative Medicine”, J. of Prolotherapy, 2016; 8:e947-e960 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Biocellular Regenerative Medicine Use of Adipose-Derived Stem/Stromal Cells and Its Native Bioactive Matrix”, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America, 2016; PMC 887, Volume 27, (4). • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “MARROW, BLOOD, INFLAMMATION AND TISSUE REGENERATION: Clinical Implications for Applications of Use of Bone Marrow or Platelet-Rich Plasma”., Regenacell Press, 2016; Vol 1: 1-16. • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Reviewing the Differences in Leukocyte Concentration and Composition in Platelet-Rich Plasma Preparations With Emphasis On the Role of Monocytes and Neutrophils”. J. of P; 2016; • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., Contributing Author, Chapter Biocellular Regenerative Medicine: Use of Adipose-Derived Stem & Stromal Cells and Its Native Bioactive Matrix. “Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinics of North America: Regenerative Medicine”, Nov 2016, Elsevier Press, Philadelphia, PA. • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Biocellular Regenerative Medicine: Adipose-Derived Stem/Stromal Cells & Matrix” . World Biomedical Frontiers, Section of Stem Cells, 2017 July. • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Importance of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem and Stromal Cells With High Density Platelet-Derived Growth Factors and Cytokines (HD-PRP) In Structural Fat Grafting”, American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 2017 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Use of Biocellular Regenerative Therapy In Skeletal Muscle Injury”, J. Cell Med, to be submitted 2023 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., SCHERR, RICHARD, “Use of Lipoaspirated Mesenchymal Stem Cells With Activated Platelet-Rich Plasma Concentrates In Canine Orthopedic and Spine Surgeries”, J. Vet Surgery, to be submitted 2023 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Biocellular Regenerative Therapy: Use of Autologous Fat Grafts As Mesenchymal Stem Cell Source And Scaffolding/Matrix For Use With Platelet-Rich Plasma Concentrates in Musculoskeletal Injuries”, American Journal Sports Medicine, to be submitted 2023 • ALEXANDER, ROBERT W., “Advances in Multiple Sclerosis Tracking Following Adipose-Derived Cellular Stromal Vascular Fraction (AD-cSVF) Intravascular Cell Therapy: Use of PIXYL Software”, J. Clinical Trails in Degenerative Disease, to be submitted 2023. Research Interest Cellular and biologic/cellular applications in systemic diseases (cellular) and in targeted therapies (such as chronic wounds, musculoskeletal, and pain management protocols, Craniofacial Trauma- Reconstruction of Major Defects, and General Aesthetic Surgery

Other Practice Locations

Bitterroot Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
715 Main Street
Suite B
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 777-4477

Medical School

University of Florida College of Medicine

Year of Graduation



Internship, Dept Surgery, St Louis University; Residency, Dept Surgery, Division Craniomaxillary & Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery; Chief Resident, Dept of Surgery University of Texas, School of Medicine, Parkland Memorial Hosptial (Dallas)

Advanced Training

Inducted, Fellow of International College Surgeons (plas surg)


American Board Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery; American Board of Regenerative Medicine

Languages Spoken

English; Spanish

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