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Livingston Chiropractic
5889 Whitmore Lake Rd, Suite 3, Brighton, MI 48116

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Livingston Chiropractic is proud to offer some of the most advanced procedures available and we look forward to helping with even the most difficult cases. We provide traditional chiropractic care including adjustments provided by hand and/or instrument. However, we also look to correct posture with the latest technology. Our office preforms detailed examinations followed by any necessary x-rays on our digital x-ray system. X-rays are read to find stress points and weakness in the spine that can lead to spinal and disc degeneration. Corrective procedures may include: Specialized Mirror Image Postural Adjustments, Exercise, Stretching and Traction, as is necessary for each individual. Our office is equipped with Advanced Spinal Decompression equipment, Vibration Platforms, Exercise and Traction Stations as well as, Hyperbaric Oxygen.

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